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Click one of the WASHINGTON cities to find a beauty or barber school in WASHINGTON. Click the city then send a request to a listed school to find out more information. When the addmissions representative contacts you, ask about the school tuition ♦ Are all costs included in the tuition? ♦ What curriculum do you teach? ♦ What grade average do I need to maintain to graduate? ♦ Do you have an attendance policy? ♦ How long does it take to complete your course? ♦ Do you have a website? ♦ How large are the classes? ♦ Are there any up-front fees I need to know about? ♦ Can you mail me information on your school before I take a tour? ♦ Is there financial aid available? ♦ Is there an entrance exam? ♦ What can you tell me about the instructors? ♦ When was the college established? ♦ Do you have part time and evening classes? ♦

City: Bellevue, WA

Evergreen Beauty & Barber College

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City: Centralia, WA

Centralia Beauty College

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City: Everett, WA

A H C Barber & Beauty College

Evergreen Beauty & Barber College

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City: Federal Way, WA

Gene Juarez Beauty Schools LLC

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City: Kennewick, WA

Victoria's Academy of Cosmetology

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City: Kent, WA

Mayela's Beauty Academy

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City: Lakewood, WA

H & K International Beauty School

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City: Longview, WA

Stylemasters College of Hair Design

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City: Marysville, WA

Everett Community College

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City: Mountlake Terrace, WA

Gene Juarez Beauty Schools LLC

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City: Port Angeles, WA

The Hair School

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City: Portland, WA

Aveda Institute

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City: Renton, WA

Evergreen Beauty & Barber College

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City: Seattle, WA

Classy Beauty School

Gary Manuel Aveda Institute

Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology

Vuu Beauty School

Washington Beauty School

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City: Spokane, WA

Studio Beauty School

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City: Sunnyside, WA

Sunnyside Beauty Academy

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City: Vancouver, WA

Art of Makeup School

Aveda Institute

Manning Academy of Cosmetology

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City: Yakima, WA

Elite Cosmetology, Barber & Spa Academy, LLC

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Find Accredited Beauty Schools and take a tour of the facility before making a decision

Washington State Board Cosmetology Exam Practice You have a need for something in your life to be better, and you are ready to accept the guidance you must have in order to make a new start! The Beauty School Admissions representative is there to take care of addressing that need. The admissions representative will give you a tour of the facility, and offer you the opportunity to enroll in one of their well established, accredited programs, as well as address all of your burning questions regarding cosmetology training.

There are so many things you can experience when you actually visit a Beauty School facility. You may be able to view the books, tools, and equipment that you will use in the Student Salon. Entering the building you may hear the sounds of students greeting their clients, hair-dryers blowing through the locks of hair of numerous visitors in the student salon, a receptionist, calling new students to the front desk for their first salon assignments, and a few customers who are familiar with one another exchanging stories in the waiting area.

You may smell permanent solution wafting through the air or notice someone’s hair being bleached, and then looking throughout the student salon, view a young girl getting foils in her hair, while her mother stands nearby. You may see a student styling a man’s hair with clippers and realize – that could be you. Then you think -- If she can do this then I’m pretty sure I can too! A bride-to-be with a veil all ready set nicely atop her new updo may be getting a make-up application by a student, and then you might notice her whole wedding party is there too, getting the finishing touches to their updos, or receiving a manicure at another part of the student salon. All this will give you a feel for what it will be like when you begin your career as a cosmetologist!

You will probably be guided around the facility where you will view the classrooms. There you may see students at the tables and chairs absorbing a theory subject, or if you visit them during hands-on training in the classroom, they could be performing one of many different esthetician or massage procedures. Perhaps students will be giving one another cellulite treatments; or they could be enjoying the procedures of practical training for body massage on one another; maybe they are learning microdermabrasion while the instructor, supervises. The Hairdressing students may be giving their mannequins finger waves, or roller sets, or a 4 strand braid.

FREE Washington Esthetics State Board Exam PRACTICE In a Student Spa you may visit a facial room. This room is where students work with actual clients giving them a variety of skin care treatments. You may observe students providing one-hour facials and notice mist flowing from a facial machine; there could be a couple more clients resting serenely with product absorbing into their skin; or a student could be performing an extraction or glycolic wash for a client. At that moment, while the soft, relaxing spa music wafts through the room like a soothing mist of spa air - you realize – that could be you sitting in the esthetician’s chair. More than likely you will also see the manicure and pedicure area for clients, and perhaps a waxing room for hair removal. This part of the tour will always stay in the back of your mind as you recollect what it will be like to work as a licensed cosmetologist, barber, esthetician or massage therapist.

As you stroll with the admissions representative across the Student Salon, you may notice several students receiving services. Many beauty schools allow students to receive services at an extreme discount, or even free services, in order to give other students more practice. You may see one student with foils, while across a few stations, there is a student giving a haircut to another student. At a massage chair, yet another student helps a peer practice chair massage by volunteering for the treatment. You are thinking – boy it’s rough to come to a school like this and have to be pampered as a part of my education – with a smile!

The admissions representative may remind you that it is still hard work to be a cosmetologist – and students must show up for school on a daily basis because the curriculum is intense – not easy. You will have to apply yourself in school and participate faithfully if you expect to pass your state board exam once you have completed your requirements.

You will be confident with the knowledge and skill you attain in cosmetology college. An admissions representative is waiting to hear from you. Just fill out the form provided when you click on the Beauty Schools that most interest you. I know you are ready for a change in your life. You would like to be in the business of fashion, glamour and beauty!

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