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Location: YAKIMA, WA

Accredited since: 2005
Courses Offered:
Cosmetology 1800 hours
Barber 1100 hours
Esthetics 700 hours
Manicuring 700 hours
Instructor Training 600 hours

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What You Might Experience When Touring This Beauty School

Welcome to one of the very best Beauty Schools in the United States! I am so glad you inquired about this college in order to address your current desire to make a change in your life soon. People who contact the college wanting more information have one thing in common – they have a need for something in their life to be better, and they are ready to accept the guidance they must have in order to make a new start!

There are so many things you can experience when you actually visit the Beauty School on this page. You may be able to view the books, tools, and equipment that come in the kit. You may smell permanent solution wafting through the air or notice someone’s hair being bleached, and then looking throughout the student salon, view a young girl getting foils in her hair, while her mother stands nearby. You will see a student styling a man’s hair with clippers and realize – that could be you. Then you think - If she can do this then I’m pretty sure I can too! A bride-to-be with a veil all ready set nicely atop her new updo could be getting a make-up application by a student, and you might even notice some of the wedding party getting the finishing touches to their updos, or receiving a manicure. The student salon is not all you will notice when you tour the college. You could also see the classroom/s and the instructors who are there.

I know you are ready for a change in your life. Change may even be a necessity for you. Just know that someone is waiting to help you in the process. This college follows the highest standards of education in cosmetology and is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. You can feel secure that requesting information from this Beauty School as you reach out for new direction, for growth and change could be the most productive and reliable choice you will make for years to come!

Would you like a head start studying for beauty school? Check out free samples of cosmetology, barbering, nail technician & esthetics exams below:

Cosmetology Exam Samples:
Anatomy & Physiology
Hair Cutting & Styling
Hair Coloring & Texturing

Barber Exam Samples:
Anatomy & Physiology
Hair Cutting, Styling & Design
Infection Control & Safety Practices
Skin Histology

Nail Tech Exam Samples:
Acrylics, Gels & Wraps
Bacteria & Infectious Agents
Electric Filing
Manicuring & Pedicuring
The Nail & Nail Disorders
Sanitation & Disinfection

Esthetician Exam Samples:
Systems Of The Body & Organs
Basic Facials & Masks
Hair Anatomy & Hair Removal
Makeup and Color
Skin Conditions, Disorders & Diseases

Cosmetology, Barbering, Nail Technology & Esthetician Textbooks are also available prior to beauty school online below:

Cosmetology School Textbooks

Barber School Textbooks

Nail Technician Textbooks

Esthetician School Textbooks

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