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Location: FAJARDO, PR

Accredited since: 1980
Courses Offered:
Basic Cosmetology 1000 hours
Barbering 1000 hours
Massage Techniques and Manual Therapy 1000 hours
Advanced Cometology 900 hours
Pivot Point Techniques 600 hours
Nail Technician 600 hours

About Accredited Colleges

Accreditation of schools is the most respected and trustworthy indicator of a school's concern for integrity toward its students and superior education.

Schools that are accredited have met national standards of educational performance which have been determined by a neutral non-governmental agency. Also, accreditation allows some schools to participate in financial aid programs for students who qualify. Accredited cosmetology colleges are required to reveal school performance facts and statistics to all new enrollees. Not only must they reveal these statistics to new enrollees, but these colleges must keep the statistics at a reasonable percentage (such as how many students graduate, pass their licensure exam, and obtain employment). If the statistics percentage falls below a certain average, the college could lose it's accreditation. Accredited cosmetology colleges are likely to provide new enrollees with their campus security plan and reveal important statistics on crimes that have been committed on campus. Accredited cosmetology schools are audited on a regular basis by the accrediting commission.

"The National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as the national accrediting agency for cosmetology schools."

NACCAS is recognized under the provisions of Chapter 33, Title 38, U.S. Code and subsequent legislation.

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