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Location: CHARLOTTE, NC (Zip: 28273)

accredited since: contact the school
Courses Offered:
Cosmetology 1500 hours

Questions You May Want to Ask the person who contacts you after you submit the form to the right:

1. Are all costs included in the tuition, or will there be some additional costs?

2. Is there financial aid available?

3. Are there any up-front fees I need to know about?

4. Is there an entrance exam?

5. What grade average do I need to maintain to graduate?

6. Do you have an attendance policy?

7. How long does it take to complete your course and what would be my weekly schedule?

8. How large are the classes?

9. What can you tell me about the instructors?

10. When was the college established?

11. What curriculum do you teach?

12. Can you mail me information on your school before I take a tour?

13. Do you have a website?

14. Do you have part time and evening classes?

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